Tamera is a School and Research Station for Realistic Utopia

Sheri Herndon writes about Tamera:

COMMUNITY BUILDING: CREATING A BASIS OF TRUST In the context of this balance between inner and outer peacework, in the center of the education and research of the GC are questions about what it means to live in healthy relations. How to create community: How do we create social systems that create trust and mutual respect? Community is essential for sustainability: the technologies of the future will only be regenerative and sustainable as far as the human communities function. Again and again, in ecological, social and political movements, we witness groups fail based on interpersonal conflict and unresolved inner structures. Community can be a powerful vessel to become conscious of these mostly unconscious steering mechanisms.
From a recent report from Tamera and their Global Campus Gathering. Those interested in the new models, this is a great summary and harvest of an epic gathering of world changers creating a culture of peace from the inside out, embodying this new culture in all our relations.

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  1. Their Vision:

    The Healing Biotope I Tamera is a peace research project with the goal to create the model for a future society that is free from hatred, lies, violence and fear. Tamera should become an acupuncture point of peace, a greenhouse of trust, a prototype for an existence free of fear on this planet, a post-capitalist societal model and a place where the human and meta realm of life come together.

    Since the original idea and founding in Germany in 1978, the Project of the Healing Biotopes went through many stages of development and new beginnings, until Tamera was founded in southern Portugal in 1995. Today 170 people live and work here and are connected with the growing international network and base stations in Israel-Palestine, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and other countries.
    Since the beginning the central focus of the project was the question of how human beings from all cultures and religions can live together so that peace can arise amongst them. The research topics listed below were worked on and the results should be provided worldwide so that the basic ideas of a society free of violence can be realized everywhere:
    Development of communities where human beings can rely on each other again.
    Ending the war between the genders and the healing of love.
    Creating a way of living together, in which the sexual attraction of one to another does not cause jealousy in a third; where no hatred or competition is aroused.
    Ethics of truth, mutual support and responsible participation.
    Cooperation with nature and living non-violently with animals and all fellow creatures, even with the smallest ones.
    Creating a material basis of life that is no longer connected with the destruction of nature, exploitation or the exhaustion of natural resources.
    Regional food autonomy and ecological subsistence.
    Water and landscape healing through the creation of Water Retention Landscapes.
    Stepping out of the oil-based economy through the development of autonomous energy systems.
    Healing by way of creating healing life circumstances.
    Re-embedment of man-made systems within the higher systems of creation.

    The most important attributes of an alive cultural concept are its productive incompleteness and its openness to change, self-correction and development.

    We are still a ways away from reaching our goal.

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