Jack Park on participatory contributions

My work centers on the Engelbart NIC/DKR ecosystem. The term dynamic knowledge repository, at the suggestion of Ted Kahn, was renamed “dynamic knowledge garden” for an invited talk I gave in Seoul in 2007, a few weeks after Dino and I co-created the knowledge federation concept in Leipzig. So, when I use the term “knowledge garden”, in spirit and in fact, I am talking about the NIC/DKR ecosystem. I build prototype web applications which are now settling on the Node.js ecosystem with a Java AI/TopicMap-based backside. Huge issues on which I work with my friends with are having the bandwidth to do all the software development, get it tested, and put it online. In very recent times, Alec Wenzowski has joined the effort that Mark Szpakowski and I have been on; Alec has mavenized all of my Java code and is now upgrading my node.js web platform. We should be online by March, 2017. A goal is to federate with all the other knowledge platforms now beginning to come online, specifically including Marc-Antoine’s platform. Our interest is in co-creating and evolving the web-based protocols and APIs for the global federation of knowledge work.