What is Program For The Future?

What is “Program For The Future”?

  1. PFTF originally was the 2008 Conference held December 9,10 208 at the San Jose Tech Museum. The organizers included: Mei Lin Fung, Valerie Landau, Eileen Clegg, Darla Hewett, Joel Orr, Robert Stephenson, Bob Ketner, and Sam Hahn. This conference was held on this date because it was the 40th anniversary of the MOAD. The event was attended by notables such as Steve Wozniak, Alan Kay, Andy van Damme, Ted Nelson, Peter Norvig, … and Doug himself.
  2. PFTF is the name associated with a series of conferences starting with 2008, but including 2010, 2013, and upcoming: 2015 and 2018.
    • 2010 Was organized by Eileen Clegg, Mei Lin Fung, and Sam Hahn
    • 2013 Was organized by Dino Karabeg and Sam Hahn
    • 2015 Will be organized by Frode Hegland, Kennan Salinero, Pavel Shukla, and Sam Hahn
  3. PFTF was the (now lapsed) LLC name for a legal entity that was created to manage assets and liabilities associated with event organization (original managing partners: Eileen Clegg, Darla Hewett, Sam Hahn).
  4. PFTF is the name of a community of individuals who remember and honor Doug and his achievements, and support the general direction of developing collective capability that Doug used as a research agenda.
  5. PFTF is a set of principles (curated by Sam Hahn) that include those most pertinent to those driving Doug’s work. They are:
    • Address Planetary Issues
    • Scale Our Collective Capability
    • CoEvolve our Tool-Systems and Human-Systems
    • Bootstrap
    • Grow a Community
    • Spawn Inter-Supporting Initiatives
    • Improve the Improvers (Apply ABC Model)
    • Inspired and Guided by Doug Engelbart

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