I will blog

I’ve tried blogging before; it was a struggle:

    • Do people care at all about what I think?
    • Once I write something, am I liable for that thought forever?
    • Perhaps I’m wrong…
    • Suppose this blogging place goes away…?
    • Is this the best place to put this?

So today, I’ve resolved to create my blog entries in the most permanent place I know, and then use OTHER blogging presences for “publishing” those blogs.

Today, the most permanent place I know is Google. They’re big, and they’re relatively open compared to other big places. And gDocs is a minimally viable place to write :( 😉

I will NOT treat my blogs as PERMANENT. I will retain the privilege and responsibility of updating my blogs if I feel they need it. They most always will need updating, as I will write from what I know at time of writing. Later, I am likely to have learned, and may choose to update my writing to reflect that new understanding.

Commentary on my blogs will unfortunately be relevant to specific versions / revisions of my blog entries. Hopefully, I choose blogging places that understand versioning.

So this is my “coming out” blog entry :)

3 thoughts on “I will blog”

  1. Not clear about 3 things.

    1. If I am already logged in, then why must I register first to create a comment to another entry?
    2. I see Sam’s “blog” within the Posts section. I was, based upon prior discussions on SKYPE, expecting to see a Blogs section where individuals each have a separate link to their own Blog section. What I see is Sam’s “blog” entry as a post among other posts. What is the plan for future member blogs?
    3. Perhaps a section where we might discuss site design questions, clarifications and issues would be helpful, even though we can cover them in posts, as it would help to group them be category. Might that idea be created under “Categories”?

  2. If you click on an author (at footer of an entry / blog / article / page), then you get all contributions from that author. (Try that on my name above.) Since this is WordPress, I’m using mostly the word “blog” to refer to entries here.

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